Banksy and Team Fortress 2

Short post on Team Fortress 2. I was playing TF2 for a short while yesterday and played a custom map called cp_amsterdam to check out what people made of my city. And the map does look nice and does have a Amsterdam feel to it, although I fear the gameplay might not really be optimal. What struck me however is when I walked around and looked at graffiti on a wall; Where did I see this before? It took a few seconds and then I remembered. Hah, brilliant.  TF2:

And this:

If you do not know Banksy, I suggest you to check it out. It’s an anonymous British graffiti artist who fills walls with amazing thought-provoking art.

~ by Alright Jack on April 9, 2009.

One Response to “Banksy and Team Fortress 2”

  1. Nice, I’m a sucker for references like that.

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