EVE Online lately

To be honest, I’ve played no EVE Online at all since the end of December and I already was very inactive the 6 months before that. I just can’t find time for it. Or well, time is not really the issue, I can always make time for anything, I just don’t give gaming much priority to gaming and I haven’t even touched some of those amazing singleplayer games that I really want to play and finish. I do however still follow EVE Online about daily, reading some fora, Eve-O and blogs of course. And a lot of interesting stuff has happened lately.

First of course there was the dev-blog on wormholes that totally flabbergasted me. It’s a relatively simple addition, but oh-so brilliant. I mean, just think about it, it’s just a bunch of new automatically generated systems and instead of the normal stargate there’s one that randomly appears and disappears. But it enables so many potential epic or hilarious scenarios, when I first read it I couldn’t help but fantasize of all the possibilities for hours.

Then there was the Alliance Tournament. Number 6. The biggest one yet. I followed most of the last on EVE-TV and it seemed to be done very well again. Ruleset was the best one so far and the qualification round, plus putting those videos on youtube the day-after worked out pretty good as well. ISD was a bit less active with sideline stories than during the last tournament, but the match-reports were very nice again. I do have some criticism about CCP deciding not to show player adverts and instead show an ugly Nvidia advert. Not enough adverts that were being send in eh? Shame CCP, shame. What a shame.

And then there was of course the hi-jacking of Band of Brothers by Goonswarm. Funnily enough probably the most interesting recent EVE Online event. Since I do want to talk about the  BoB events but don’t really know where to start, I’ll just start by linking the most interesting writings of other people.

Jim Rossignol of RPS was quick with reporting explaining EVE again.

“Mainstream”-media try to make sense of it, here gamespy.

And shacknews.


Scot Jennings writes the usual funny summary.

MMO-theorist Raph Koster theorizes the event.

And then there’s of course EVE-Radio having interviews with two important people of both sides. Rather entertaining.

What I think of it? Must say I was a bit sad about it initially, I guess I underestimated BoB and thought this might’ve  been a reason for their corporations to go different ways. I like consistency in MMOs and those years-old corporations and alliances make things more epic, which is also why I was sad to see Mercenary Coaltion disband even while I’m not related to them in any way, it’s just sad to see a name like that dissapearing. Now it seems it’s going to turn out fine for them and their new alliance KenZoku, which I think is an incredebely silly name (but so was BoB if you think about it).

All in all, did BoB loose and Goons win? Perhaps, but let’s just say CCP scored another huge PR victory. Stuff like this might do more for them than an expansion. I remember watching a Fanfest with the roundtable session where players could ask questions to developers after introducing themself with their ingame name, so one player walks to the stage for a question and says “Hi, I’m Dianabolic..” where a CCP developer suddenly interrupts him and exclaims “Hey, woah, did you say Dianabolic?”. Now that’s EVE. A game where individual players can become more important and achieve more fame than it’s developers. Will we ever see corporations/alliances becomming more ‘important’ than CCP itself? That’s a bit too far off I guess, but who knows, we already had BoB announcing their new campaign in the friggin’ New York Times at the last BoB bbq.


~ by Alright Jack on February 13, 2009.

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