Blog is one year old!

My blog is now 1 years old. Hooray. I started with this blog to have a place to safe my own thoughts on MMOs, at the same time I started a second blog for all non-gaming stuff. And I’m still posting on both blogs. Hooray. I guess I started to blog more about games in general than just MMOs, as I haven’t played MMOs all that much this year. EVE Online is rather time-consuming and I haven’t let myself play too much games, always lacking time and all that, even while I don’t have much responsibilities at all. Ah well, time goes fast, it’s the old story.

I’m very glad I started blogging. It feels good to have a personal place like this. It’s good to put your thoughts on a (virtual) paper, as writing it down forces you to articulate what would otherwise remain just an abstract thought in the back your mind. Writing this down reminds me that I really should post more. There is some stuff that I’ve wanted to write about and actually started this blog for, but haven’t….. yet. There’s a lot of stuff I’ve wanted to write about. But I’ve just looked back at my own posts, it seems there are 45 of them, which isn’t all that bad at all.

As for my other blog. I’ve posted less on it, often youtube links and other stuff I want to share. And it also has a lot less readers. I do want to post more on it and also want to improve my writing capabilities on bigger more opinionated pieces. Ah well, I want I want, etc.

Anyway. 45 posts. 96 comments. 13,524 views. 68 subscribers to the feed in Google Reader. That’s quite nice, didn’t expect so much myself. Most popular post was testing FW on SiSi, which got linked all over the internet, I guess I got the scoop on the Factional Warfare stuff. Hilarious thing is that people still almost daily search ‘what a shame deus ex’ and visit my youtube-summary on that.

Ah well. Here’s for another year. Thanks for reading.


~ by Alright Jack on January 4, 2009.

8 Responses to “Blog is one year old!”

  1. Congratulations! And Happy Birthday!

    John Calvin Hall

  2. Congratulations, mate. Keep up the good work!

  3. HAPPY Birthday…. Just getting strted myself in WOW and might start blogggin about it.. Like you I have little time to play let alone play and blog about playing…

  4. Congratulations on the milestone and glad youa re enjoying your blogging. A blog post a day keeps the doctor away…or so they told me…Come to think of it…maybe it wasn’t even “blog post” at all…My world just came crashing down…Excuse me.

  5. Congrats mate! Here’s to a new year and more great stuff to read!

  6. Congratulations! keep them comming! 🙂

  7. Congratulations mate!!!

  8. Gratz indeed. Way to go 🙂 Hope your upcoming year proves as good as the last if not better

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