MMO fanboys – Darkfall Aint Like You

“All I see are little MTV babies. Playing their little MTV games. That aint the fucking real world I was forced to see.”

I’m watching it for the third time now and still laughing out loud. Easily the most hilarious thing I’ve seen today so I thought it’d deserve a blog post. A terrible cliche hardcore-punk song (I even recognized it, it’s Blood for Blood) projected into a Darkfall vs Clichequest context. Amazing. I’m speechless. What makes people make these sort of videos? There are hundreds of fan-made trailers for Darkfall Online on youtube.  An unreleased game they haven’t even played. Just because of the sandbox concept and the features, a game like Darkfall Online deserves a lot of attention. But I struggle to understand these videos.

Look at the profile and the other videos made by this guy. Is he for real or is it just one very dedicated troll..? Entertaining nonetheless.


~ by Alright Jack on December 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “MMO fanboys – Darkfall Aint Like You”

  1. He’s an angry little elf. He must be from the South Pole!

  2. He’s for real I know him from the forums.

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