The Noob Comic and Darkfall

You might have heard of The Noob Comic before. If not, it’s a comic about MMOs or well, mostly a comic that ridicules the Clichequests in a lighthearted way. Not many spaceships-related jokes sadly. Anyway, the maker is apparently a friend of some developers of Darkfall and is because of that allowed to breach the NDA. Aha. No idea why there aren’t any ‘proper’ journalists writing about the game as they are invited to play the game in Athens. (I’m looking at you, RPS)

Not much stuff on the Noob Comic preview site yet, but it should be updated regularly. Check it here.


~ by Alright Jack on December 1, 2008.

8 Responses to “The Noob Comic and Darkfall”

  1. You have been tagged!!!

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  3. Seeing as you’ve already been tagged, and I’ve already posted my post, I can’t change. So, you’ve been tagged! 😀

  4. I tend to think Darkfall really failed at promoting their game.

  5. Completely agreed on that. Even if you have no budget for marketing, it should be possible to get more journalists writing about your game and make trailers that don’t look amateurish.

  6. […] Nuyan’s Hangout ( […]

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