Quantam Rise and EVE FPS?

There’s a lot of details from FanFest which you can find elsewhere on the internet and I might post my thoughts on all this new info later, but one of the most interesting newsbits was CCP claiming to be working on 5 projects. One is obviously EVE Online, second is World of Darkness and the third one appears to be some sort of FPS in the EVE universe. The other two? No idea.

But the EVE fps.. There’s barely any info on it, and it’s claimed to be a mix of Halo and Planetside. I personally hope it’s a lot like the latter there. But while watching the new Quantam Rise trailer again, but now in decent quality from the downtimenews page, I saw something quite interesting. Somewhere in the middle they show some planetary action with airplanes, tanks and infantry. I just thought that this might just as well be done ingame in their new project, look at this:


Hmm. Looks interesting. Guess it also means Mr Kador actually invaded a Gallente planet.

It’s probably also a good idea to check the downtimenews page today, as it’s probably updated with news-reports again during this patch-day like during the Empyrean Age patch.


~ by Alright Jack on November 11, 2008.

One Response to “Quantam Rise and EVE FPS?”

  1. Planetside is one of my all time favorites! I would really love to be able to go from WIS to fragging on a planet! I REALLY hope CCP can pull this off!

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