EVE’s fiction stereotyping: Brutors are monkeys, Achura are whizz-kids

I can’t remember anyone doing this before, perhaps I’m world first, perhaps I’m not, but let me accuse CCP of being racist stereo-typing bastards. Hah, there, I did it. That felt good, in a way.

Brutors, dumber than dumb.

Brutors, dumber than dumb.

Just look at the base attributes. The Brutor (the black people of EVE) got the lowest intelligence number of all the races, while the Asian-like Achura got the highest. Well, well, where have we seen that before? I kind of wonder what CCP was thinking when they set up those attributes. People of course often conform to stereotypes while they are not even fully aware of it.

Ah well, I’m not bothered with it at all (I personally think Brutors are indeed monkeys) and I’m sure there were no racist intentions behind it. But I remember that I wasn’t very impressed by the EVE’s general background story. I loved the chronicles, the depth and the fact that it was an ongoing storyline. I found the general basics of it however rather simplistic, including the intro movie. It just didn’t make that much sense to me to have human civilizations thousands of years further in time still being so divided by races and bloodlines. Also the Caldari, Amarr and Gallente are so cliché’ish. A religious race, a industrial hyper-capitalistic race and a liberal-democratic mass consumerist race. Well, well, the Minmattar were probably the most original with their rebelion and slavery past, but it’s not like we’ve never seen that before. It didn’t and still doesn’t seem very realistic to me.

I’m used to it now of course. I love the EVE storyline, the chronicles and the effort CCP puts into it. I also guess that making the EVE universe similar to the real world makes it much easier for people to get into it. It also leads to interesting parallels to the real world, I always find it kind of funny to see the religious fundamentalists accusing the freedom-fighters of terrorism instead of the usual other way around for example (although you could argue that these ‘freedom’-fighters in the real world are religiously motivated as well, I know, I know).


~ by Alright Jack on October 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “EVE’s fiction stereotyping: Brutors are monkeys, Achura are whizz-kids”

  1. Spaceships are the meat and potatoes of EVE as far as I’m concerned. The rest of the stuff-backstory, racial qualities, etc.–is the seasoning, nice but best when sprinkled on sparingly. Guess you can tell I’m not an RP’er, huh? ☻

  2. The stereotypes are just that: stereotypes. I’d guess and hope that within an ethnic group, no matter which one, there is diversity. Furthermore I’d hope that the general basics that you refer to are meant to be simple so as to allow for the playstation-generation to get into the feel of things. Think most RPG systems do something similar to this (Tremere are scheming conspirators, Elves are pure and noble etc etc).

    Of course that’s not always the case, and there’s the occasional, for example, “More Amarrian than thou”-character out there (like the childmolesting bishop or whatever in the EA-novel, wth was *that*?).

    Considering the population numbers that’re bound to exist in the EVE Universe I assume we can expect one or two individuals in there somewhere…. 🙂

  3. Yes, other RPGs are filled with cliches as well. There are barely any RPGs that don’t have it and the whole statistical number game-mechanics is usually what puts me off many RPGs, the awesome storylines are the reason why I sometimes still play them.

    Anyway, I would’ve preferred an EVE with a little bit more sophisticated general background, but as I said, I’m very much used to it now. It still is rather silly.

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