Chaos Theory, StacklessIO, 64 bit and nodes

While I am personally not involved in the big 0.0 fleet battles (Except when helping out CVA a few times, which is a long time ago already for me), it’s clear to me that the lag during fleet battles is one of the biggest downsides of EVE and that’s why I was happy to hear about the stuff CCP recently implemented and been working on for a long time. The people at CCP wrote some very cool dev-blogs about the new changes (StacklessIO, EVE64, My Node was equipped with the following.. (I love that title)) What I also love is that they take their audience seriously, they aren’t afraid to go into technical details and show some statistics, but at the same time there’s of course barely a game that has such a big tech savvy audience.

It seems that the recent changes have indeed made a huge improvement, but of course they’ll never really win the fight against lag without hugely altering the game-mechanics. The big 0.0 alliances will always continue trying to bring as many of their players to the fight until it starts heavily lagging again.

Another thing (of a couple of weeks ago) that intrigued me was a post about EVE Destiny here. Very interesting discussion afterwards as well, I can kind of follow what they’re talking about, but that’s pretty much it. I wonder if we’re ever going to get to see something like this running ingame someday, I assume they’ve used some video-trickery to get it like that.


~ by Alright Jack on October 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Chaos Theory, StacklessIO, 64 bit and nodes”

  1. I too love the technical stuff and the causality bubble stuff makes sense to me as it explains why when a Titan is on scene, the entire grid is within it’s bubble. I’m really glad CCP is treating us like adults and showing us what they’re working on.

  2. lol.. MSSQL… *LAUGHS*


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