Blogs and an update.

A while after I started this blog I promised myself that I’d add every decent EVE blog to my blogroll to promote blogging about EVE and help each other out to get some deserved audience, as you can see I haven’t really kept to that promise. It seems to me that there are suddenly so many EVE blogs out there, espescially compared to just a half year ago. I’ve got lots of them in my RSS reader and the last couple of months I have really struggled to follow them. It’s just so many, there are constantly 100+ unread entries about EVE Online and there continue to come up more and more EVE blogs. Except for World of Warcraft, I think there’s barely a game that has such a rich ‘blogosphere’.

Which is a good thing. The more the better, I guess sites like and Crazykinux (with the amazing Speedlinking and Blog Pack)contributed quite a lot to it, but sadfully I can’t keep up reading them. I just skim through them quickly every once in a while and end up clicking ‘mark all as read’  a lot in Google Reader.

So I’m wondering if I still should have all these blogs in my blogroll (while I’m not giving them the attention they deserve). I’m not sure, but I think I just decided to just keep them there and add some of the new EVE blogs there with the help of Crazykinux’s constant searching. (I wonder how he does it, I sometimes think he got some uber-spider-search-bots that are more powefull than those of Google looking for anything EVE related on the internet.)

And there are also some other non-EVE-but-game-related blogs I follow that have been waiting to be added to my blog-roll for months.

Ah well. EVE blogs: Sensory Surge, Jinx Barker, Edward Sarum, Sweet Bad Girl, MMPK, A Loyal Amarrian, Diary of a Pod Pilot, Tired Ire, Diary of a Space Jockey, Jhez, Drunk In Space, Davezor, Miner’s Life, Yarr Yum, Wensley, Deaf Plasma, Ground Zero, Mad Rant, Roc’s Ramblings, Helicity, Down By Law.

Some very good EVE blogs there. Now some other interesting blogs of RPS-related people: The Poisoned Sponge, DuBBle, The_B, Evo Gamer, Dartt, Steve The Black and Seniath.

Other interesting added blogs: The Brainy Gamer (Also hosts the Vintage Game Club, which is playing Deus Ex now and is worth a look I’d say), 1Fort and the Team Fortress 2 Official blog.


~ by Alright Jack on September 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “Blogs and an update.”

  1. Glad to see you’re back!

  2. I can only access CrazyKinux’s blog from home typically, so I use your blogroll when I’m at work; thank you for having it and adding me as well =)

  3. Good to hear it does have some use then. 🙂

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