On Warhammer Online

While this blog is mostly a EVE blog (if I’m writing about MMOs at least), I read quite a lot of ‘general’ MMO blogs and most of these blogs have been talking about WAR since the NDA for the beta dropped. (like here, here, here, here, here and much more places.)

I haven’t participated in the beta myself and I haven’t played any Warhammer Online, but I do have something to say about it. It seems it became a very polished game and if Age of Conan already sold 750k copies in the first week, Warhammer Online will probably end up with few million subscribers (My guess would be a stable 3 million when it settles down).

I remember a video where Mythic showed off their RvR system and how it’d work out. So you got these regions, coupled with multiple instanced battlegrounds which you can win for your faction. After capturing all these regions, you finally come to the big glorious endpoint for your faction, you get to capture the capital city of the other faction. Hooray! So what if we finally manage to capture (pillage and loot!) the city? THE WHOLE THING RESETS! Yay, Woop-ti-fucking-doo. The winner walks away with some more experience points or shiny armour.

It just feels so meaningless to me. There’s no consequence in RvR/PvP in Warhammer Online. And that players need to be rewarded like rats with some silly items, because they wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing without those items, is just something I hate. Warhammer Online is just a new iteration of the EverQuest-model that makes up most MMOs, with a couple of new flavours like RvR and Public Quests.

And that just disappoints me. I want something more of MMOs and I know there are so much possibilities with this genre. But Mythic and EA went for the safe money-maker, which is understandable but doesn’t stop me from hating it. The big money probably also lead them to make it very similar to WoW, just look at it’s interface and the graphics. Also compare it to the old Warhammer Online (watch this trailer) that got ditched when Mythic took over, quite a change of atmosphere isn’t it?

Still, I’ve got to say Warhammer Online is a game that would probably entertain me much more than WoW nowadays. Perhaps I’ll be tempted to actually play it for a couple of months, I’m sure they got some brilliant stuff in it. Also, a game like Warhammer Online might bring more players into the PvP side of things, even while it’s a PvP without consequences it might prepare people for more interesting PvP-centred MMOs to come in the future. And that’s a good thing.


~ by Alright Jack on August 26, 2008.

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