Theologians can suck my Apoc, sir.

Or not really, Nuyan doesn’t even have an Apoc. But I just felt like abusing this great quote from one of the last EVE chronicles as a title for this little post. It – did – grab your attention, didn’t it?  Apologies for posting not as much as intended, I guess that now I finally got some time (holiday, yay!) to write, I should do it.

I finally received the Emperyan Age novel, I’ll go start reading that after I’ve finished my current book (which is quite brilliant). I also ordered Someone’s Gaming Life, which I’m also looking forward to and might write a bit about after I’ve finished it. I should’ve received it weeks ago, but seems to be slacking a bit.

Ah well. I haven’t played EVE and Factional Warfare as much as I would’ve liked yet, so I don’t really have much to say about it. Instead of talking about EVE I’m going to look back at my ‘to-do-games’ list I posted three months ago. Needless to say I haven’t played all of them yet, I hope I will someday. I started as promised with STALKER, but I stopped playing it after two days of trying. It was my intention to play it with some mods, but it kept crashing within 30 minutes or so. So I gave up. I’m still looking forward to the Clear Sky prequel.

Second on my list was Assasins Creed, but I skipped it for now as some people persuaded me to start with Vampire: Bloodlines: The Masquarade, which really grabbed me. I played it with a mod that managed to update the resolution of the game to 1680×1050, so it actually looked quite good. It isn’t very polished, but in return it got a lot of small details. It actually reminded me of Deus Ex, not as brilliant, not even close, but I can’t remember a game that reminded me of Deus Ex as much as this one. But it seems they really rushed the last levels of the game. The places itself don’t look too bad, even the storylines continue to be decent, not as brilliant as in the first 10 hours (Jaenette and Therese, brilliant!), but still doable. but you’ll end up with quests that just make you slaughter hundreds of baddies in a rather repetive way.

So I was in the final quests. Probably got less than 4 hours to play left, but I stopped. That’s more than 2 months ago and I still haven’t continued. I don’t know, I really want to complete that singleplayer as I’m so close to the end, I hope I’ll be in the mood for some repetive boring gameplay for a couple of hours soonish.

After that I haven’t really played other singleplayer games. I received my copy of Pathologic, but haven’t started butchering yet. I did play a bit of Team Fortress 2 and Trials2: Second Edition lately though, both games are pretty great if you’ve got a short ammount of time. Espescially Trials2 is great for 5 minutes, after that it becomes very very very frustrating, but I love that game.

Oh, and I found a cool new EVE blog called Drawing Aggro. It’s quite good, it’s also of a person that was in my EVE corporation PIE Inc for a short while, but except for the name I didn’t really remember him, which you can probably blame on my inactivity. Added to my blog list.

And before I forgot. Crazykinux also started an EVE Blog Pack, which I’m part of. Yay! Worth subscribing to in my opinion.


~ by Alright Jack on July 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Theologians can suck my Apoc, sir.”

  1. Hi Nuyan-
    Thanks for subscribing to my blog (drawing aggro) – something of an experiment for me, we’ll see how it goes. Subscribed here now too. I was in PIE for all of two weeks i think – I love the focus and the guys all seemed great, but I was looking for more activity in my timezone (US West Coast), which was light at the time at least. Been in FW of late, so I may see you there.

  2. Alrighty!I did immediately recognize the name though. And yeah, we’ll probably see each other in FW somewhere.

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