New blogs, some quicklinking and more #2

It’s been a few months since my last blog-roll update. I once promised myself to keep up a blog-roll with every worthwhile EVE blog on it. I’m not sure all of them are worthwhile, you decide.

Life is a Mind Bending Puzzle – More than decent blog of someone that plays EVE, he recently argued that MMO will fade into history because of all the WoW clones. I disagree on that. AoC already almost sold a million times, there’s a big market for MMOs and I’m sure there’ll be more open EVE-like MMOs in the future. Actually, I believe EVE-like MMOs – are – the future. Ah well.
Sweet Flag – Blog about games in general, including lots of MMO stuff. He tried out the EVE trial and stopped with it. The loser. Still worth reading though.
The Photoshop Whore – Not a blog about photoshop, thankfully. Mostly singleplayer games.
how do i play game? – It’s a blog of someone who never played a game before, then starts playing Half-Life as his very first game and reports his progress on a blog. He’s busy for 2 months to get past the Blast Pit. Hilarious!
a Mule in EVE – New EVE blog. Quite active as well. I like it.
Eve newb – EVE newbie with a blog. Enough said.
Eve-Pirates – Another pirate blog. I’d almost say there are more than enough of them by now.
Weekend Warriors – EVE weekend warrior.
Lordyu – Gamer that just started a blog and also just started playing EVE again.
Oliver Brown – Posts about anything, including EVE.
House Marek – Blog of one of ‘my ammatar allies’. I guess. Good read. Mostly In Character.

That’s all blog-wise. I’ve also updated my essential EVE reading list with the PCGamerUK article on the Great War of a while ago.

I don’t think I currently have any other cool links, but I could suggest you to read this on my other blog. It’s about a Anti-Piracy proposal that could turn the internet in a virtual police stuff.

That’s all.


~ by Alright Jack on May 26, 2008.

One Response to “New blogs, some quicklinking and more #2”

  1. Some new EVE blogs I’ll have to add to the roster! Thanks Nuyan.

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