What a shame (Deus Ex fun)

After some blog linked me towards this brilliant youtube video, I spend a hour watching hilarious Deus Ex videos on youtube. Here are some of my favourites:

Alec Jacobson, skilled swordsman.

You can’t fight ideas with bullets, oh really?

Maggie Chow, weak woman.

The annoying kid.

Silly old man.

A bomb!

Easily the most brilliant single-player game ever. The more serious youtube video’s also show much of the game I’ve completely missed and I already completed that game several times. I guess I should complete it again when I find the time for it.

~ by Alright Jack on May 18, 2008.

35 Responses to “What a shame (Deus Ex fun)”

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  8. OK, New rule!

    “What a Shame” is now never to be used again.


  9. No wai !

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  12. Why do people say “what a shame”?

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  35. What a shame.

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