‘The Empyrean Age’, the upcomming EVE expansion (and novel)

Yep. I just read it here on Warcry, it seems the new expansion title is out and there’s some confirmations of things I already expected. Factional Warfare will indeed be out soon and the novel of Tony Gonzalez (with the same name) will explain much of the background story leading to it, nice marketing trick, CCP.

“The title of the next expansion – revealed here for the first time – will be “The Empyrean Age,” the same as the EVE novel by Tony Gonzalez also slated for the summer. The reason is simple, this is the first EVE Online expansion where the story of the game and its universe will play a key role, a lot of it based off the novel.

“The universe of Eve has always had this fragile peace between the races and now that’s going to end,” Massey said. This means war and that is the core new feature: factional warfare. “People can actually take an active role and choose sides for who they want to fight for and who they want to fight against.”

More details on this expansion are going to trickle out over the coming months, but it marks – at long wait – the culmination of the plan that was once upon a time called Kali and has now turned into not one, but four epic expansions: Revelations I, Revelations II, Trinity and now The Empyrean Age.”

I’m still a bit unsure about FW and how it’s implemented, but I’m extremely curious to the new dev-blogs and can’t help being pretty psyched about this. This – will – be a huge thing indeed. And I really believe that EVE as a franchise might become pretty big as well.


~ by Alright Jack on April 17, 2008.

3 Responses to “‘The Empyrean Age’, the upcomming EVE expansion (and novel)”

  1. What is going to happen to multi-racial corporations? Now if you want to play with your friends you will be more forced to choose the same faction. Stupid idea imo

  2. You can sign up individually and sign up as a corporation, next to that you can sign up for any faction no matter the race.

    So I’m sure there are no true problems for multi-racial corporations, but I expect there are going to be more corporation that will focus on helping out one of the factions.

  3. end of eve………

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