Current ‘to-do’ games

Alright, there really are some EVE/MMO related things I’ve been intending to write about for weeks now, but I can’t find the time and again I’m going to talk about something different.

Since I quit WoW and started to play EVE, I also broaden my horizon on pc games a bit. For some reason EVE and games ‘next’ to it worked much better than playing games ‘next’ to WoW. I don’t exactly know why it’s like that, but I can easily decide to not play for a couple of days, which was for some reason different in WoW. Might have to do something with me having less ‘responsibility’ in EVE where I’m a ‘simple peon’ in my corporation, compared to my officer-status in WoW, but I also think it has something to do with the game itself.

Anyway. After playing WoW for 2 years I missed a lot of brilliant pc games, I played myself through the Half-Life 2 episodes, played some Team Fortress 2, Portal ofcourse, picked up Civilization 4 another time and since I started to follow RPS, I actually got a lot more enthusiastic about pc games in general.

But there’s just so much to play, that’s why I decided to write-up all the games I want to play, so I can go follow the list and go through them all. Doing this might motivate me to actually finish those damn games.

1) S.T.A.L.K.E.R. I remember looking forward to playing this game back in ehr.. 2001 or so? It actually got out  in 2006 and I played a little bit of it last year, but left it unfinished for reasons I don’t remember. It’s one of those games that feels a bit clumsy and unpolished. At the same time it’s very atmospheric and , it can really suck you up for an immersive (and horrifying) experience. I guess it’s a bit like EVE that way, you need to put something in it to get more out of it than you can in the avarage game.

So I’m going for it! At the moment of writing the installer just notified me that STALKER is installed. Yay. I’m going to start a completely new game with patch 1.0005 and this Obvilion Lost mod, from what I’ve heard STALKER got a very active modding community and this mod supposedly adds a lot to the game, by actually balancing/fixing/adding some important features the developers left unfinished. It’s always a bit scary to start playing a game you don’t know all that well with some mod, but I heard STALKER gets a lot better with it.

2) Assassins Creed. Which is new on pc, got out a week ago or so. I saw some people playing it a while ago, even played it myself, the game itself looks brilliant and fun, but the voice-casting made me cringe and the storyline appeared to be awful. So I’m a bit mixed about it, but I guess I still should give it a go. I think it’s one of those games that could’ve been totally brilliant if the makers dared to take some risks with the storyline, there’s so much potential in the theme. But now instead of a Deus Ex, it’s just another above average action game. Ah well, still a must-play for me I guess.

3) Pathologic. After reading the brilliant series on this game on RPS I just had to play this game. Go read it, it’s the best stuff I’ve read the last couple of weeks and I read a lot. It appears to be a horrible bug-filled unpolished game that people don’t even enjoy playing. But at the same time it’s a totally brilliant and atmospheric game. People compare it with movies. Most people don’t enjoy watching a Requiem for a Dream, at the same time you can’t deny the brilliance of movies like that. It’s the same with Pathologic, you need to put so much in it to get barely anything out of it. After reading about it on RPS (first time I actually heard of this game and it’s already out since 2005), I just had to give it a try and I ordered it sunday. It already arrived by mail today. I’ll give this game a go, I wonder if I’ll get through it.

4) Vampire The Masquarade Bloodlines. Another brilliant, but horribly bug-filled and unpolished game. Again I got inspired by a RPS article. I played it a bit years ago, can’t remember much of it, but I know it’s potential. I need to get into the World of Darkness a bit more anyway and this game seems to become a lot better with some much-needed patches and fan-made modifications.

5) The Witcher. Almost want to say ‘another brilliant, but horribly bug-filled and unpolished game’, with some awful voice-casting as well. Since that is what it was last year. But this year the makers announced an extended edition that should fix a lot of the frustrations I had with it, in the 2 hours I dedicated to it last year. I still heard a lot of good things about it, so I guess I should play it and this free extended edition is a remarkable thing from the developers.

I’ll stop with this list for now. These are my goals for the first few months. There’s much more, like System Shock 2, Medieval Total War 2 with decent mods. More Civ4 Beyond The Sword, started a marathon singleplayer game a few weeks ago which I should finish someday (I’m also looking for a decent multiplayer group to play this game with),  there’s also the just released Europa Universalis 3 and that’s a game-serie I’ve always wanted to get into. Then there are the Introversion games Uplink and Darwinia which I both want to finish. There’s also Deus Ex, people often remind me that completing it 5 times already (years ago) is not enough.

Then there’s more on the horizon. Like World of Goo, which I really can’t resist buying when it comes out.

And then… Then there’s also EVE. Which I’ll continue to be playing…


~ by Alright Jack on April 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Current ‘to-do’ games”

  1. Firstly, congrats on the WoW quit. Things can only get better from here on. I’m gonna go through your list and give my comments on the games you’ve got lined up.

    STALKER – A flawed masterpiece that really must be played with mods to get the best out of it. I see you’ve got a great one lined up but don’t be afraid to add others; there are some fantastic ones out there that fix things which should never have been broken in the first place. I’ve played it all the way through and it’s definately worth finishing if you enjoy atmospheric, immersive experiences. Taken as a pure shooter though, it’s very flawed. So yes, it’s up to you to get out what you put in.

    Assassin’s Creed – I just finished this a couple of days ago and I can safely assure that the story is not shit. It definately takes some risks and uses a few concepts that have never before been tried in gaming, and executes them quite flawlessly. AC is another game that prioritises atmosphere and cinematic visuals over deep and involving gameplay; if you can accept this and let yourself be taken along for the ride you will enjoy it. Otherwise, you’ll wind up frustrated and unhappy. This games requires a different mindset to enjoy fully, but after finishing it I can again say that it is worth playing all the way through, as most of the story is revealed in the climax.

    Pathologic – Haven’t played this one, so I’m only going off the RPS article too. It sounds great, but I’d leave this at the bottom of the list. The other games are better.

    Vampire: Bloodlines – Extremely good when it comes to character creation and dialogue progression. Very well written with strong adult overtones and some fantastic voice acting that really suck you in. The combat mechanics are pretty broken though, and you’ll need to turn on God mode just to pass some Boss fights. If you accept that the combat is bad and just trudge through the combat scenes, you’ll be rewarded with some of the best story delivery in an RPG ever. It’s worth sticking through, moreso than any other game on this list.

    The Witcher – Haven’t played it as I just couldn’t get into this one. I’m really over fantasy RPG’s and the combat in this bored me to tears. I’m going to try it again though once they release the huge overhaul patch and new retail version.

    I have completed Deus Ex at least 10 times (I’ve lost count) and it’s still my favourite game ever 🙂

  2. Thanks for the reply. I’ve actually already quit WoW over a year ago and I’m playing EVE ever since.

    I played STALKER a few hours yesterday and it was incredibly hard, much harder than I remembered a year ago, I think I started on the wrong difficulty level, I could barely pass the dogs in the open. Installing the mods was a pain at first as well, I only managed after I used that STALKER mod installer program. I’ll think about adding some more mods, thanks for the suggestion.

    I had the same problem with the combat system of Witcher when I briefly played it, but hearing all the great stories about it I guess I should give it another go after the overhaul.

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