How “non-zero-sumness” will save the world.

Perhaps this would fit my other blog better as it isn’t really MMO-related, but it got a game-term in it. I just watched this interesting speech of a Robert Wright, here’s a rather simplistic summary:

Author Robert Wright explains “non-zero-sumness,” a game-theory term describing how players with linked fortunes tend to cooperate for mutual benefit. This dynamic has guided our biological and cultural evolution, he says — but our unwillingness to understand one another, as in the clash between the Muslim world and the West, will lead to all of us losing the “game.” Once we recognize that life is a non-zero-sum game, in which we all must cooperate to succeed, it will force us to see that moral progress — a move toward empathy — is our only hope.

Never heard of this theory before, but it does sound rather obvious (like most genius ideas) and I think I really believe in it as well. I think the importance of nationalism and cultural background will become less and less important. Virtual worlds like MMOs, which are probably the most globalized ‘things’ around, show this as well. How many times have you seen people in MMOs conflicting with each other because of cultural background? Well, I did see it happen a few times, but it really really is rare. When you speak and cooperate with people all over the world daily, it’s hard to imagine ever having to fight them in a war. We humans made quite some progression here, it’s funny that my old parents, who still struggle with the remote control of the tv, still look at you confused when you talk about it.

It’s time to give ‘those angry people’ in the Middle-East some computers with internet-connection and let them get addicted to MMOs. 😉


~ by Alright Jack on April 2, 2008.

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