New blogs, some quicklinking and more

It’s time to post about nothing in particular and update my blogroll a bit.

Maugrim McFribba’s Eve Journal. Some php-blogger that started playing EVE and blogging about it. Good read.
The 50 Pound Cat. Not just EVE, but also with some other MMOs like some short returns to both DAOC and Ultima Online.
Eve druid. Yes, that name suprised me as well. But I enjoyed reading some of the pirate stories. There really – are – a lot of pirate-blogs out there, I guess a lot of people are motivated to start blogs by
Worlds of Note. Someone that came to Eve from WoW, just like me. Someone that got the same WordPress theme as I do. And also got a Eve banner and posts mostly about Eve Online. Interesting indeed. I’ll be following this one.
Caldary Navy Ibis. A new player’s adventures in EVE. Another good read.
Epic Words. Blog of DigitalCommunist, some guy known of his past in Band of Brothers and the Guiding Hand Social Club. Often rather cynical and some angry words, but interesting nonetheless. Looking forward to more of his rants.
Ramblings of a forum whore. Not sure if I like it yet.
– Also adding and Zapatero
– And there’s Crovan of course. The Bitter Old Noob.
– There are also three good EVE pod-casts out there at the moment. Warpdrive Active, an old one. But recently also a Warpdrive Active Industry started and it’s the industry aspect of EVE I usually don’t hear much about. Then there’s the Drone Bay podcast of Crovan, Crazykinux and Alsedrech. It’s all worth listening, problem for me only is that it’s often hard to find time to listen to them and I’m afraid to say I usually prefer music instead. I tried listening to it at work, but that only keeps me from actually working and that’s usually not a good thing, not when it takes almost two hours to finish listening it. I think I really prefer just written text.

That were the blogs. Quite a lot of them again, sometimes hard to keep up with them all, but I’ll try to keep an updated list in the blog-roll with at least every worthwhile EVE blog in it. Now for some quicklinking.

– CCP released more info about the Council of Stellar Management and I must say I’m actually optimistic about it. Interesting discussion here, posted my own views there as well.
– Remember the old video on youtube from EVE Fanfest a couple of years ago about Planetary Warfare? We never heard more of it anymore, but I found a link somewhere on the forum towards Gamasutra about CCP acquiring a license of some very interesting technology. Look at this. Seems CCP is on it. Don’t expect anything before 2010 though, CCP seems to be busy with a lot of big projects for EVE and then I’m not even talking about World of Darkness..
– And last but not least, the people of the SUWT pod-cast on Virginworlds honored me by selecting this blog as their ‘Blog of the Week’ for this week. Yay! It’s a good pod-cast, enjoyed the part about D&D, but got a bit too many topics I’m not all that interested in.

That’s it. I’ve got some more stuff I want to write about. I’m sure I’ll be posting more in the next few days.


~ by Alright Jack on March 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “New blogs, some quicklinking and more”

  1. I’m glad you like my stories. Thanx for stopping by!!!

  2. *thumbs up new blog

    will keep my eye on this one 🙂

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