Eve Online Alliance Tournament

Yes, the 5th Alliance tournament started yesterday. It’s the big official tournament, organized by CCP themself, it got a lot of coverage. You could see it as Team-Deathmatch. It’s maches are live streamed, it got expert commentators, Eve-TV being there with a bunch of experts discussing the matches and Eve. The alliances that got in often have a reputation to keep up, some good fights in the tournament can be a huge PR boost (with more contracts for the mercenaries, more recruits, more notoriety) and there are some nice prices to win.

There’s some critic of people on the way CCP is organizing it, disagreeing with the rules and disappointed that some big alliances and old tournament-winners didn’t get in. I guess they’ll have to add some qualification round for the next tournament, because Eve has been growing quite a lot last year and will continue to do so (with help of Steam for example) But I think all the coverage so far is awesome. Eve-TV is there again, with some new experts. There’s an awful lot of news-articles, about all the participating alliances and some very cool In Character info behind the tournament. Just take a look at it here, pretty much everything is there. Even if you haven’t played Eve-Online yet, it’s probably worth a look. I think it’s amazing that CCP is organizing something as big as this for the players, while a Blizzard actually tries to make money with their so-called ‘tournaments‘. (Hardcore Casual had a post about it)

Anyway. I came home way too late yesterday and only saw the last match between Ushra’Khan and KIA, which U’K nicely won. I liked that, because Ushra’Khan is one of my favorite alliances ingame. It’ll start again at 15:00 GMT+0 today, tomorrow and the last group-matches will be next Friday and Saturday, with the finals on Sunday. I hope for some nice shows from 4th District and U’K. Sadly CVA didn’t sign up in time, I would’ve given them a good chance. I think you need a little bit of luck though, with choosing the right setups versus the unpredictable setup of your opponent.

More on the tournament later, perhaps.


~ by Alright Jack on March 1, 2008.

One Response to “Eve Online Alliance Tournament”

  1. hi im new to the pvp tournament and i was wondering if some one can tell me when the pvp tournament starts and how i can enter i heard that i got to pay 1 mil in isk to enter is this true contact me on my e-mail address

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