My Past II: Roleplaying on DefiasBrotherhood

I think I was getting bored of WoW. Leveled two characters to lvl 60, an accomplishment I never equalled. Then there was just one little thing left I had my mind on…..

Roleplaying. I remember making a character on one of the old RP(-PvE) servers and like many other people, walking with it to Goldshire! (Hah.) Huh? People actually walked around and chatted with eachother? What’s this madness. Roleplaying? I think I even did a bit of ‘roleplaying’ myself there, but looking back at it, it wouldn’t surprise me if I was rather annoying and behaved like the average goldshire kid. That was my first experience with roleplaying. Never did the pen&paper stuff, didn’t even knew it existed back then. I also remember having a conversation with some guy that worked for the Alliance Herald (An In Character newspaper), that was very friendly towards me and explained some things. So I guess everything considered I got a positive impression, but still really had no idea if I liked it or not.

But I decided to give it a try. Blizzard announced those new RP-PvP servers and there was some guy that had this huge project in mind called the Second Gurubashi Empire, with him becoming the Emperor. A troll-only RP guild that was supposed to appear on the new RP-PvP server and that already had hundreds of people applying to it and a very active forum before the server even existed. So I signed up, posted an application and participated in discussions on the forums. And then after a long period of waiting Blizzard finally released the servers. Together with most other pre-server created RP guilds we chose for Defias Brotherhood as server.

So I was there from day 1. Started a priest, since I already had played a mage and shaman. And the other troll classes left were melee classed, which didn’t interest me. Made it a female troll, because I had already played a troll male (mage). I started playing with the intention to take my time to level, because in my experience leveling was the most fun part of WoW. I also started with the intention to play together with others as much as possible. So that’s what I did, I think I was grouped more than 75% of the time before I hit level 40. I took my time and I played the game In Character, together with other trolls of the Empire. And I enjoyed it immensely, I really got sucked into roleplaying. In the evenings there were often meetings or sometimes fights with Alliance. Playing the game In Character simply made the game more fun, while you continued to actually play the game. I also enjoyed the much more laid-back attitude to the game many people shared on my new server. We also had these huge epic guild-meetings. Having 40 (to even 60+ a few times iirc) trolls gathered in the middle of Orgrimmar or the Gurubashi Arena simply is an amazing sight. In the first months we, as a single-race guild (usually the rarest race as well), really were one of the biggest guilds of the whole server. (Picture)

So I liked it there. It took me around 40 days /played to ding 60, which I eventually hit. There was also guild-drama, especially in the first half year of the server. Guildnumbers lowered and after a while our incompetent guildleader, that started the whole project, left as well. Around the same time I personally found out that I enjoyed leading and I guess I did my part in guild-discussions/politics, which seemed to fit me. After our Emperor and guildleader left, I became one of the High Councillors, which is pretty much the same as an officer. I guess I spend a lot of time to make the guild continue. We got a new Emperor. We got ourself into a Raiding Alliance, where we almost managed to down Ragnaros (and there weren’t many real dedicated PvE guilds on our server back then, which I saw as a good thing) before two of the bigger guilds left it to form their own new alliance. Drama. Started a new Alliance, together with other single-race guilds; The Covenant. Which was a lot of fun, In Character Zul’Gurub runs were very cool, but I guess we were too small (and were too ‘casual’) for the bigger things. It was an alliance where PvE raids were sometimes cancelled because ‘urgent’ RP business came up and where we raided with a different main-tank every other day.

I also participated in a lot of In Character W-PvP and lead quite a lot of battles with my character. Elves ambushing from the trees in Ashenvale (with help of shadowmelt, night-elf racial ability), forsaken feasting on the corpses after a battle, orcs proudly riding into humans while yelling out orcish war-cries and us trolls doing guerilla-like warfare in the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale, berserking into alliance in blood-rage. I’ve seen it all. And it was something unique, it wasn’t like this on any other server, at least not in this quantity (and quality). I honestly believe the way many of us on Defias Brotherhood played was how World of Warcraft was supposed to be, but it sadly wasn’t supposed to be played that way according to Blizzard. While ‘our’ Azeroth changed in the fantasies of us players, because of RP and because of PvP, it continued to be a 100% static place with all our actions not having any actual (mechanical) impact on the world. Fantasies of players dry out, stories become forgotten. New blood arrives. It was just all in our minds. The very same battles are started up again. In the same places. With the same (mechanical) outcome. It was a lot of fun, sure was, but it’ll never really change. It’s still on-going on Defias Brotherhood and so is the Gurubashi Empire, so if you’re still interested in playing WoW and finding a good server…

I had a good time there on Defias Brotherhood, with my unique playingstyle. I did play quite a lot, easily a few hours a day on average, but not all that much of instancing and actually “playing the game” the way it probably was intended by Blizzard. It was a mix of everything, with most time spend on walking around, talking to characters, killing alliance in the (non-instanced) world and sometimes a bit of “playing the game”. All of this as much as possible In Character, simply because it made things much more enjoyable for me. Also doing raiding In Character made it a lot less stressful, the frustration after a wipe quickly fades away if you continue to be In Character. You play a game for fun, keep it fun and immerse yourself into the game, it worked for me. It might sound a bit awkward and it probably feels like that in the beginning, but there’s no need to feel silly for doing it, those that do not are the ones being silly. Seriously.


~ by Alright Jack on February 11, 2008.

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