My Past I: The Start

Sorry for the lack of posts on this blog, I’ll try to improve on that. I’ve also been writing about my past, but I’m still not finished and it’s probably too long for a single entry anyway, so I decided to split it in parts.

Alright. Time to write a bit about my past in MMOs, not sure if it interests anyone, but I’d like to have it on (virtual) paper anyway.

I’m one of those new MMO players that got into MMOs by World of Warcraft. I started in WoW directly after the European launch in February 2005, I wasn’t even that much overwhelmed in the open beta’s I played, but I still gave it a try. I’m happy I did actually, probably wouldn’t have gotten into MMOs otherwise. Anyway, I joined the server Skullcrusher (PvP) and got into this small friendly guild called the Calyx Clan (I just want to name that guildname before I’ll never remember it anymore, good memories.) It was all good fun, met some people I liked playing with. I leveled up my Tauren Shaman. Then after a few months all the small guilds started to crumble, others formed up these ‘hardcore’ PvE guilds and were taking over all the bored lvl 60’s of the small guilds. I remember not understanding that and despising those ‘hardcore’ guilds back then hah, but the people that came from EverQuest and other MMOs already knew what was going to happen in the endgame. Clueless me.

Anyway, eventually our small little guild merged with another one to do that endgame ourself. I also remember not liking all the people of that other guild all so much. We started doing Molten Core, like pretty much everyone else back then. I think I even got into some kind of officer position within the guild. I did the raiding thing and got more and more bored of it after some runs. I didn’t really see a purpose in getting those epic items, just to become more efficient in gathering even more of them. I think the merged guild eventually even collapsed for several reasons like pretty much every WoW guild, I don’t even remember. I think I was getting bored of WoW. Leveled two characters to lvl 60, an accomplishment I never equalled. Then there was just one little thing left I had my mind on…..


~ by Alright Jack on February 8, 2008.

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