Mix RMT MMOs with Las Vegas

And you thought Blizzard would have the most lucrative MMO out there? Think again. This is about one of China’s most popular games called ZT Online and how millions of chinese players gamble their life away in it. It’s translated from chinese and was printed in one of China’s supposedly more independent newspapers, it still was removed a day later for ‘unknown’ reasons. Luckily it’s content was spread on the internet and the chinese cultural blog Danwei translated the article to English. It’s a rather fascinating and well-written article and I think you should read it. It tells you more about how money rules in today’s China, about the addictive mindset of (Chinese) players and how ‘The System’ rules over a virtual world in a rather Orwellian way. Intro article is here.

I originally found out about this on Rock, Paper, Shotgun!


~ by Alright Jack on January 6, 2008.

One Response to “Mix RMT MMOs with Las Vegas”

  1. […] talks quite a lot of French. But this is good stuff really, watch it when you find time for it. – I also wrote about a fascinating article on my other blog about a Chinese MMO and gambling, while it’s game-related I’m sure it’s still very interesting and readable for […]

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