What’s this about?

Hey there,

It’s time to get this started. Been thinking about starting my own blog for quite some time now and finally took the time to get on with it. I just took the time to add all the blogs I read to my blogroll, at least the ones related to gaming. This includes pretty much every Eve blog I know. I actually read a bit more blogs than these ones, but no need to add blogs that I don’t find all that interesting myself anymore. Of the blogs listed there are a few real quality blogs, go check them out. The Story Blogs category are usually more In Character, which can be fun, I could recommend Fighting Broke for example, since it gives a (much-needed) In Character perspective from the Mercenary Coalation on all the major 0.0 power-blocks in Eve Online.

I don’t know how frequently I’ll be posting on this blog, I guess having some readers could motivate me too. We’ll see. As many people I always lack time for everything and then at the end of the week I can barely remember what I actually did. Never really understand why days are already over after they just started. Ah well, they say time goes fast when you’re having fun, so I guess I’m enjoying myself. And that’s a good thing, naturally.

I also started another blog that’s more about that so-called real-life, no idea yet what I’m going to post there, but I thought it’d be smart to have the MMO related stuff and everything else separated. So the people that barely know what a MMO exactly is aren’t going to be annoyed by my ramblings about Eve Online and at the same time I’m not going to bore people that want to read about MMO’s with the life of some alright jack. If you’re interested though, you can find it here.


~ by Alright Jack on January 5, 2008.

3 Responses to “What’s this about?”

  1. Good to see that there are more and more EVE bloggers out there! Looking forward to reading your posts on a regular basis. We might motivate each other to post on a regular schedule.

    Speaking of which, it’ll be a month in 2 days since you posted something. Time to get those writer juices flowing!

    Cheers mate!

  2. 🙂

    Thanks for the reply and yes, not so many posts lately. I’m quite busy and don’t always feel like playing Eve-O or writing for my blog when I get home after a day of working. I’ve been busy with a huge “My MMO past” post though which I’ll probably post soonish and I’m sure I’ll find some time to write in the weekend.

  3. Looking forward to reading it.

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